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Hairdressing NQF 4

Level 4 Entry Requirements

K&R Artistry Institute offers three South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) Qualifications. The course meets the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) criteria and standards in terms of duration and structured work placement. The success of this placement ensures that students have relevant industry exposure during their studies. This quips them with all the relevant theoretical, practical and reflexive skills ad competencies that make them marketable for employment or becoming self-employed.

Course Breakdown


Practical Hours

Learners will attend college for 2 years. Learners will attend college as per the qualification they choose. Learners will do a Summative assessment at the end of each level before moving on to the next level. Learners will then complete the practical component required by the SERVICES SETA in the workplace.

Trade Test

The c ollege is not responsible for the Trade Test. This is the qualifying summative exam regulated by the SERVICES SETA and DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR. The college assists learners as far as possible to complete this process but entry to the trade test is subject to the qualification rules as set out b y the regulator. We provide the learner with current and update d information with regard to this process as we receive it.


Practical Hours

Learners will attend college for 3 years. Learners will attend lectures twice a week from 09:00 till 16:00. All theory aspects of the qualification will be done at college and the greater part of practical at the work place. Evidence of off- site practical training will be monitored and quality assured by means of a portfolio of evidence. The log books given to the learners will be evidence that all required hours in compliance with the learning program is completed and signed off by a qualified stylist. Assessment entries are subject to completed logbooks.

Entry Requirement

Entry requirement for this program is proof of full time employment by means of a learner-ship agreement.